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List of documents for verification

Documents confirming your identity:

1. National passport;
2. National id-card;
3. International passport.

Documents confirming your address:

1. Paper bill for utilities;
2. Paper receipt for communication services;
3. Signed extract from the bank (with the address);
4. Notification from tax;
5. Certificate of registration of the vehicle.

Additional documents proving your identity (for Professional status):

1. Driver's license;
2. Insurance certificate;
3. International passport.

You must link a bank card for Professional status

1. Visa;
2. MasterCard;
3. MIR.

List of documents not suitable for verification

1. Registration page in the passport;
2. SSN;
3. Birth certificate;
4. Certificate of tax registration;
5. Drive license;
6. Checks;
7. Questionnaires (any type, including bank);
8. Agreement (any type, including with the bank);
9. Electronic receipts (utilities, telephony, Internet and any other electronic receipts)

What are the verification levels? How to get them?

3 account statuses are available on the service now:

Guest is an introductory status.

The status is available immediately after authorization on the service. In this status, you can use the exchange from / to cryptocurrencies and payment systems, as well as all the features of the referral program.

On the Guest account status, the exchange from / to bank cards is not available. To exchange Fiat, you need to get a status higher.

- this status allows you to study the level of service and speed of our service.

The users of this status have access to exchanges from / to cryptocurrencies and payment systems for up to € 5,000 per transaction. Also for Personal Status, an exchange is available from / to bank cards for up to € 1,000 per transaction.

To obtain this status, it is necessary to fill out basic and contact information, as well as upload documents identifying your identity and confirming the address of your registration.

Professional - this status gives unlimited access to the service.

You can exchange from / to cryptocurrency and payment systems without restrictions on the amount of exchange. For Professional status, it is also available to exchange credit cards for up to € 10,000 per transaction.

To obtain this status, you must download an additional document confirming your identity, as well as link a bank card to your account.

How do I find out about changing my account status?

1. Enough to check the mail. We will send you letters about each stage of verification of your account.

2. Visit your personal account. In the «Profile» - «Account Status» information is available on the current status.

3. You will instantly know about raising your account status. We will duplicate all notifications in the form of a pop-up window in your personal account.

Why did you introduce such a verification system?

We are committed to the active development of our service in the international arena. We are switching to a new service system that fully complies with European quality standards to offer our customers the best service. In this regard, a verification system was introduced for our clients, ensuring the safety of operations.

Is it possible to conduct a trial application for exchange without getting status?

You can make exchanges in all directions, except for bank cards, having received the «Guest» account status.

However, remember that all features of the referral program and reward system are available only to authorized users. In order not to miss the possibility of additional earnings, we recommend verifying your account. Account verification does not take much time and requires minimal effort.

Can I request the deletion of my personal data?

Yes, you can. You need to contact with Technical Support of our website. The issue will be reviewed within 4 days. We will notify you of the results by mail.

How do you store and use my personal data?

Your personal data is used to process applications in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Service Rules.

The service provides a legal guarantee of the security of your personal data and funds. All information provided during verification and exchange operations is encrypted using SSL.

Your personal data is stored on secure servers.

We do not store data on bank cards.

Can I restore my account after deleting it?

To restore your account, you will need to reverify your account. This will require reloading all documents.

Why do you need my passport?

We work according to European quality standards now. We care even more about the safety of our customers. And that’s why we have introduced a verification system. Downloading a scanned copy of your passport is necessary for personal identification. It will help you to make exchange operations safely and efficiently.

The purpose of verification is to counter fraud and money laundering. We are responsible for the security of your data, so do not worry about their safety. It does not take a lot of time and effort: most often two days are enough to confirm your identity.

Can I login to my account without specifying mail?

Only the one email address is used as the login. When you will register an account, check the accuracy of the entered data.

All notifications about actions on our service will be sent exactly to the mail you specify.

What should I do if I lose access to a verified account?

Use the standard form of password recovery when entering your personal account - «Forgot password» button.

You will need to specify your mail in the window that opens and click the «Recover password» button.

We will send an email with a link to reset your password. After that, you can easily change the password for your account and you can continue to use the services of our service.

In what format do you need to submit documents for verification?

A color scanned copy or photography of the original document should be uploaded in good quality in JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF format without any extraneous objects and inscriptions.

It should be clearly visible all 4 corners of the document.

All information on the document must be readable and written in Cyrillic or in Latin letters.

The weight of one document should not exceed 10 MB.

Do I need to pass card verification to make an exchange?

We have upgraded the card verification system on our service. To complete an exchange transaction, you will need to link a Visa/MasterCard/MIR card to an account on our service.

The process does not take much time:

1. Upload a selfie with the card, which you want to link;
2. Fill in your card details.

The list of confirmed cards is available in the «My Cards and Accounts» section or on the main page of the service when you make a request.

Can I not provide your phone number to verify your account?

In case of receiving the status of Guest or Personal phone number confirmation is not required.

To use all the features of the Professional account status, you need to confirm the phone number.

To do this, go to your personal account, section «Profile» - «Basic profile data», enter your phone number in the corresponding field and click «Confirm». We will send a message with a code to your phone. Specify it in the opened field and your phone will be automatically confirmed.

What is address verification? How to verify the address?

Address verification is a documentary proof of your registration address. An address confirmation document is requested to collect a complete package of documents per user.

For verification of the address, one of the following documents will be suitable:

• Statement of account from the bank (with your address);
• Notification for payment for services of a telecom operator;
• Utility bill;
• A document issued by local governments;
• Tax documents;
• Certificate of registration of the vehicle.

The main requirement for the document is the presence of your full name and the address of registration on it. Documents must not be older than 3 months.

Remember, all information on the document should be readable.

How can I get verified if I cannot provide a scan of the document?

Verification can be performed with the provision of photographs of the requested documents.

The main requirement is that all information on the document must be readable and written in Cyrillic or in Latin letters.

Documents with low resolution or poor quality will be rejected, therefore we recommend checking them before sending for compliance with these requirements