18 December 2018

BTC holiday for endurance

Holiday with cryptoinvestors. What do you think about it? This idea led us to a rather interesting publication on the Reddit Internet resource. An unknown author tried to rally all BTC holders, calling for a massive withdrawal of funds to wallets in honor of a decade of coins.

We believe that this move is connected with the test of the strength of one and all and the desire to demonstrate to the world the level of solvency of the currency.    

Coinbase developers have rolled out an update that expands the possibilities for converting between cryptocurrencies to the delight of private users. Are you ready to estimate the instantaneous speed of the operation that only experienced cryptocurrency traders had?  

As we found out, a small list of cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and others is available for conversion so far. However, the exchange operation now requires much less investment.

Brazil and Saratov have already shot out the news about the blockchain. It was the turn of Iran. We learned that the government of the state wants to donate a second wind to the national economy through the introduction of breakthrough technology.    

The head of science and technology of Iran is convinced that the expansion of infrastructure is possible only with the cooperation with other countries. How else to effectively implement the blockchain in various areas?

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