26 November 2018

BTC rehabilitated

Apparently, the former of “Cashbery” representative office has every chance of repeated success, but with a new project. It turns out that former investors had prepared in advance for the opening and found use for their investments.

The scheme is simple. Investors expect to kill the lost funds due to a breakthrough at the start of the GDC. Is it reasonable to take such a risk?

As we expected that BTC once again began to unwind price gears and rise in value after its deafening fall. The rate rose to $4 030.

Can you relax now? There is no question of any stability after all. Other currencies also rose in price, but no one is immune from the new rodeo.

Fortunately, at least somewhere in BTC things are not going so bad. We have learned that Ohio may become the first state in America in which you can pay taxes using BTC.

This was made possible by the initiative of state treasurer Josh Mandela. Although the news concerns only commercial companies. Individuals will also receive such an opportunity in the future.

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