23 November 2018

Blockchain is interesting for many countries.

As you know, the European Union is optimistic about blockchain technology. The authorities decided to organize a large-scale blockchain forum to conquer new frontiers.

The date of the event still unknown, but will be announced soon. The organizers have big plans for the conference. Who would not want to become the basis in the future regional financial blockchain system?

We learned that not only the EU authorities are making plans for blockchain technology. The main presidential candidate in Nigeria has promised a great future for the blockchain and cryptocurrency, if he is elected the next president.

Atiku Abubakar wants to accept the challenges of the 21st century economy. For example, to raise awareness and include learning blockchain in the school curriculum. Will such promises work in an election campaign?

The market of blockchain market continues to expand with useful developments for us. One of these was the project for the protection of copyright from Sputnik DLT.

The security system called "Depositor" is based on a chain of Waves blocks. A special algorithm preserves the digital imprint of the hash and when edits are made, it changes.

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