8 January 2019

CoinFLEX offers futures

We learned about the unique monumental painting of Paris or rather about the work of a Parisian artist, which is closely related to BTC. Is it another tribute to the decade of BTC?

Speech on the street Mural, telling the story of the struggle of "yellow vests." So, Pascal Boyart decided to partially hide the BTC address in his work. And the lucky one who can find the address in the picture will receive 0,26 BTC.  

Asian investors should bring their investment portfolios on full alert! We learned that the Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange CoinFLEX is going to please local entrepreneurs.

As we found out, the former subsidiary platform Coinfloor will open access to futures contracts for cryptocurrency. BTC, Ethereum and BTC Cash futures will be offered with high leverage. 

As it turned out, despite the high growth rates of DApps in the networks of Ethereum and EOS. Many of them simply “cool off”. And according to the data of the StateOfTheDApps.com service about 179 such applications have been registered only over the past December. 

But who would have thought that EOS would lead against Ethereum? If we compare the indicators of user activity in DApps of the two platforms, we will see how EOS takes the lead in the number of applications actually used. 

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