1 December 2018

Doctorate per blockchain

Vitalik Buterin was honored to receive his doctorate from the University of Basel. How else? Behind his shoulders a huge contribution to the cryptocurrency sphere and blockchain technology?

An interesting fact! The founder of Ethereum did not have to pass the traditional tests and defend a scientific thesis to become an honorary doctor of science.

Someone is a honorary doctor of science or a sophisticated hacker. Would you have thought that the Moscow cable car will be hacked in the first few days?

Less than three days from the date of installation, when suddenly an unknown hacker reached the computer systems of the cableway. He encrypted the internal files and requested BTC for decrypting them.

Lovers of the videogames, your time has come! We find out about the collaboration of the IT giant ASUS with the Quantum Cloud platform to put together mining and computer games.

The company will give players the opportunity to cloud mining. This is possible due to the partial borrowing of video card resources during its inactivity. Well, the profit from passive mining can be obtained through PayPal or the WeChat messenger.

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