21 December 2018

The power station without mining

Our readers are know the fate of the administrator of the Silk Road site sentenced to several life sentences for his web offspring? We learned that Ross Ulbricht's mother is still trying to defeat the US judicial machine

Lin Ulbricht decided to appeal directly to US President Donald Trump through a petition for pardon at this time. It is necessary to pay tribute to her. The person does not give up and quite optimistic about the result of the appeal to Trump.

Freelancers from Colombia will be delighted. The American exchanges supplier Athena BTC has completed the installation of its 17th cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. This time the gift was on the porch of the city of Medellin.

Athena BTC focuses on two main categories of Colombian users. Accepting payments in BTC and sending money to Venezuela. Local cryptocurrency exchanges only support BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC for now. 

As it turned out, not every secured rank of this world finds it appropriate to install entire data centers for mining in their possessions. We learned that the general director of the power plant in Udmurtia refused from such an undertaking

What was the initial plan? To improve the thermal node and get a plus in finance through the cooperation of the power station and mining. We believe that the recent fall and depressive mood of the cryptocurrency market shuffled all the winning cards.

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