27 November 2018

Sweden's trick and delisting OKEx

The Inquisition of the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange decided not to spare the faint-hearted and in its next large-scale delisting operation struck out more than 49 trading pairs.

Have you already imagined how the platform chooses whom to remove with closed eyes? But not. The choice fell on participants with low liquidity and trading volume. We advise you to hurry and withdraw them until December 14th, if one of our readers owns tokens recognized for cutting off.

Sweden began to receive call signals since last analyzes, when the depressing situation with mining is still going on.

Swiss data centers prepared for a high level of migration of Norwegian miners. Why all? Because Sweden has extremely low electricity prices now.

The head of the SEC had dot the i's and cross the t's in the situation with two ICO projects. Airfox and Paragon Coin ordered to go through securities procedures, pay fines and return the funds not long ago.

The Commission is convinced that tokens should either be privately placed or registered as securities, because they are similar in the way they works with BTC. Otherwise they break the law.

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