19 August 2018

The results of cryptology on August 19

The capitalization of the digital market stopped the decline and stopped at $213 billion. BTC shows stable dynamics and having risen for the week by 0,6%. Investors prefer to save their savings in cryptocurrencies by buying the digital gold. Strong dynamics in this case on the hands of investors. The index of dominance of the main cryptocurrency has peaked since January of this year, the figure has stopped at 51,6% at the moment.

Altcoins demonstrate instability. Ethereum lost over 9% over the past seven days, the value of the cryptocurrency is $297, but Ripple increased by 7%, the coin can be purchased for $0,32. Cryptocurrency market shows a downward trend in general. Only BTC, which continues to be in the range of $8 300 to $6 200, is firmly held. Support of $6 200 is very strong, sellers are not so easy to push the price below this value. Technical indicators of the main cryptocurrency showed a more likely continuation of the downward movement, rather than growth. Breaking the support line $6 200 down will cause a new wave of panic sales, in which case altcoins will become even cheaper.

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