26 August 2018

The results of cryptology on August 26

The main cryptocurrency is still in the range of $8 300 - $6 200. Moreover, BTC feels confident on this score. Attempts to break through the $ 6,200 support level have already failed several times. Especially strong volumes for sale were fixed on the 22nd of August. However, a strong collapse didn't happen either. The BTC domination index continues to be at its highest level since the beginning of this year. This is due to the fact that investors see the way of saving their savings in digital gold.

The altcoins don't please at all by their stability. Almost all coins show a steady downward trend. Most altcoins lost 3-15% over the trading week. Most of them show a steady continuation of the downward movement in the medium term as for the technical indicators. However, in the near future, the beginning of consolidation of the digital market as a whole is not ruled out. The greatest growth will be able to show altcoins, which showed a significant drawdown in the last month. Most likely, the price movement in the opposite direction will begin in the beginning of autumn.

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