22 December 2018

Cryptocurrency charity

AID:Tech blockchain startup, which was helping Syria’s refugees, has built bridges with Ireland’s well-known Red Cross charity organization. The development of a startup ideally fit into the needs of the organization.

We are talking about the TraceDonat mobile app for monitoring donations. "Red Cross" decided to take on the development of weapons, so that in addition to full information. Users can also donate money directly.

Can we underestimate the recent contribution to charity committed by the commander in chief of Coinbase? We learned that Brian Armstrong joined the Giving Pledge campaign, which pledging himself to sacrifice almost all his earnings. 

The entrepreneur has learned a lesson: the greater heights you achieve. The less you care about your own viability. This is what prompted Armstrong to draw attention to the needs of the outside world.

“Our baby has grown up” - that what can be said about the success of the Lightning Network under the sunset of the outgoing year. Who knew that the January launch of the network would be the fateful beginning of further explosive growth?

As we found out, this affected everything. The number of channels and their cost. The network bandwidth supports 500 BTC now, instead of 4. There is nothing to say about the number of channels. 16 000 instead of 1 000 channels at the beginning of the year.

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