15 December 2018

Licensing is a guarantee of stability

Against the backdrop of raging conflicts in France, one is no longer surprised that the French financial regulator closes cryptocurrency shops. We learned that four cryptocurrency websites were blacklisted by AMF.  

Illegal manipulations with cryptocurrencies without a license are not brought to good. Especially when the warden is in the same room with you. But what should agency representatives do with the ever-increasing risk factor of unregistered companies?  

As it turned out, the current Japanese owner Coincheck is not idle and is preparing to expand its cryptocurrency patrimony in its entirety. In other words, to enter the US cryptocurrency market in the first quarter of 2019.

Monex will launch a regulated exchange based on the Tradestation brokerage service. And the bitter experience of other projects suggests that the site will serve well only if there is an appropriate license for monetary transactions.  

We learned that the startup status mobile messenger started experiencing serious difficulties due to the recent unrest in the cryptocurrency market. And all due to the fact that the project was too tied to the air.

The ranks of the developer have already thinned by 25%, but the troubles did not end there. The company became hostage to its own scale, when the possibility of self-sufficiency was gone. The startup continues to be afloat at the expense of personal fiatnyh funds, but how soon will the stock run out?

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