16 December 2018

Younger brother of BTC

The digital market is still storming up and down. Buyers intensified during today's trading. The growth potential continues, but the day has not ended yet. The trigger of a possible short-term recovery is candlestick analysis. When you close today's candlestick with a high green body, a rebound is possible and it can be quite strong.

We expected BTC testing of $3 000, but this did not happen during the week. It is important to know how the main cryptocurrency reacts and behind it the whole digital market to such a low value.

Cryptocurrency market opens up opportunities for quick profit again. With the timely opening of positions to really earn 5-10 percent per day. Litecoin became a coin with explosive growth today. Cryptocurrency was often not interesting to traders, but experienced investors see great potential in it. 

We believe that the main reason for raising the coin by 11 percent was news from the SFOX exchange. Their goal was to introduce Litecoin to institutional investors, who show that they go beyond the framework of BTC and Ethereum in the world of cryptocurrency money. Traders can trade LTC with both BTC and USD.

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