19 December 2018

On the waves of BTC

Cryptocurrency market caught the bull wave. Virtually all coins today show an upswing. The overall capitalization of the digital market has risen along with the total volume of transactions. Such a growing market can not but rejoice. But it is worth being on the lookout, especially since this is a place full of speculators.

We noticed that the dynamics of such a rapid growth are mainly shown by the most liquid cryptocurrencies. BTC Cash became the leader among the oldies. The coin shows a 20% growth. Are you ready for such a lift?

However, everything is not as smooth as it seems at first glance. We were confused by the sharp increase in volumes. Cryptocurrency websites are showing rates of digital money and a 50 percent increase in daily deals.

The Blockchain Transparency Institute study showed that most transactions are fictitious. The volumes increase due to the issuance of identical transactions. As a result, the exchanges give false information about the daily capitalization. Large cryptocurrency exchanges have repeatedly been spotted for such a fraud. They inflating its own worth increasing in commissions for listing new projects.

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