7 December 2018

Oil for El Petro

We believe the result of tax for this year returns may be a dubious pleasure for the IRS employees. NODE40 has detected a record number of tax returns for BTC traders' losses.

The company took care and warned in advance that investors might face negative experiences after disclosing loss figures. For example, close attention from the department to the initial capital or reasons for silence.

I wonder if a single cryptocurrency can bring the two countries together? The president of Venezuela is convinced that the local digital currency El Petro will be a good help for Russia in paying for oil.

Nicolas Maduro sees in the coin a universal remedy against the currency "enemy" of many countries, that is, the dollar. As we have learned, the proposal has already become part of the work plan from a joint commission of the two countries.

We learned about an interesting deal between Stellar and the Canadian platform Coinsquare. The BlockEQ wallet was sold for $9 million, and with it the assets that were stored inside were transferred from Toronto under the wing of the exchange.

It was surprising to know that this is a mutual acquisition. Both parties are happy with the event, and they consider this a natural step in development. We believe that the wallet team will help Coinsquare to keep second place in trading volume.

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