14 December 2018

Unstable and explosive BTC

Somebody give some water to BTC. The coin broke the ceiling of its annual minimum again. It would seem that could go wrong when the price of the asset stabilized and fixed at $3 400?

It is difficult for us to say whether it makes sense to hope for new growth leaps. However, the impact of failures in value has affected not only “digital gold”. ETH, BCH and XLM suffered their losses against the dollar after falling.  

The omnipresent BTC makes even extortionists go to extreme measures terrorizing the inhabitants of some regions of the United States and Canada. Are BTC worth to mass mailing letters with bomb threats?

Fortunately, no law enforcement officers found bombs in the alleged places. However, in some regions, people still had to be evacuated. As we found out, all messages were part of a phishing attack and are no longer dangerous.  

Will Asian markets be happy with the new blockchain payment system? That is the goal set by Ripple and the payment company UAE Exchange. The work of the partners is in full swing, and we only have to wait until it is completed in the first quarter of 2019.

It is already known that the life of the system will be supported immediately by two banks that work with Ripple.Net. Ideally, the development can even occupy a niche of international transfers, because in the UAE there are enough workers from other countries.

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