10 January 2019

New trade pairs on OKEX

Here came the new batch of trading pairs for margin trading on OKEx cryptocurrency trading. The platform added two currency pairs: TRX / USDT and TRX / BTC. Interested users are also offered to increase their positions in the indicated pairs three times at the expense of borrowed funds. 

We believe trading with such a large cryptocurrency as TRX would be a very good help. Especially in the current period of positive growth of capitalization.     

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies among hackers was again the object of study in the hands of researchers from London and Madrid. Did you know that about 5% of all Monero tokens were mined by malware lovers? 

We learned that over 2 000 companies have 720 000 tokens, equivalent to $57 million. Remarkable is the fact that 23% of the total tokens belong to one single company.   

We learned that the hacker group "The Dark Overlord" decided to go to a public meeting for the benefit of its financial motivation. The unknown shed light on the second part of the documents on the events of the terrorist attack of 9/11. 

The content released by hackers is available on the Steemd blockchain explorer despite the blocking of many accounts. But is it possible to call the posted information the breakdown of covers?

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