28 July 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. July 28th

The BTC showed a push upward with the value of $7 875. The push was shown by the market of altcoins later. BTC's growth was 3,4%, the Ethereum and Ripple showed slightly less than 1%. The stronger rise is still shown by Stellar Lumens, this is over 4% growth. The capitalization of the digital market is $298 billion. The BTC domination index continues to show growth, now it has reached 47,2%.

There is a feeling that the cryptocurrency market shows a jerk of a dead cat. Roughly speaking, the price makes a rise to the top with the beginning of a downward trend against the established micro trend. This means that after BTC's attempts to get to the top, the movement is coming down. This is inaccurate so far, since the mood of buyers and sellers is not clear.

It's noticeable that digital gold and cryptocurrency market as a whole with a squeak and weight rises upward. The penetration of new resistance to bulls is more and more difficult. The movement to be considered to be confirmed in order for this upward, it's necessary to increase the volumes, but this didn't happen. Therefore, the situation on the market is incomprehensible, it's not recommended entering a long position.

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