4 August 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. 4th of August

The cryptocurrency market showed a small rebound upward. The digital assets climbed 2-5% on average. Today's record holders are Ethereum Classic with 15% growth and Tezos with 18% growth respectively. The rise of these cryptocurrencies is associated with positive news on Coinbase. The Tezos cryptocurrency is considering the possibility of adding to the digital platform. Coinbase studies over 30 ERC20 tokens in total. ETC also showed growth after the official publication date for the site's trading products.

As for the entire digital market as a whole, the four-hour chart shows a general overbought situation. The price moves on the lower line of the Ichimoku cloud. This means that BTC, and therefore all market, has so far found temporary support. It should be noted a low level of volumes, both for purchase and for sale. This means that the price will continue to go at the lowest resistance, that is, down. The support zone, which is likely to be tested in the near future is $6 950 and $6 800. There is still a possibility of upward movement, but this move is unlikely. The price will find a resistance zone at $7 550 and $7 666.

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