5 August 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. Altcoins are still holding

The market of digital currencies continues the downward movement. BTC showed a 6% drop for yesterday. The support zone, which was mentioned in yesterday's analyst, was achieved less than a day. Surprisingly, the altcoins didn't show such a strong fall, although BTC's level of domination is at yesterday's value. IOTA and Ethereum Classic of the top 30 cryptocurrencies have a positive dynamics for both digital gold and the US dollar.

Yesterday's strong impulse for sale finally knocked out BTC from the Ishimoku cloud. The drop stopped at $6 950. Sales volumes are several times higher than the moving average volume line. On the daily chart, the situation is no better. Sales BTC continues for 7 days. It's very likely that today will be the eighth day. The near future of cryptocurrency market is still negative. The digital market is unlikely to attract serious investors for August, having a purchase of any cryptocurrency is dangerous. Signals that would indicate BTC's achievement of a mark of $10 000 in the near future, so far there are no.

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