14 July 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. Coinbase and several altcoins.

The digital market for a period of six months was able to non-weaken for a period of six months. It remains at about yesterday's value, sharp movements have so far halted. Growth today can boast of not every altcoin, but such coins exist. The trading pair XLM/USDT increased by 8,39%, the cost of altcoin is $0,201. Following the eight-percent growth was shown pair ADA/USDT, the coin is sold on cryptocurrencyexchanges for $0,138. ZEC/USDT, BAT/USDT, ZRX/USDT - these digital currencies have seriously risen in price for today. The reason for such a sharp increase is simple - the announcement of the Coinbase exchange about the beginning of the study of the addition of assets. Such news has a very positive effect on the rate of cryptocurrency, even with a stagnant bearish trend.

However, there is a trend of disillusioned in the cryptocurrency industry. The statistics of groups, channels and pages in social networks shows exactly the same downward trend as BTC's graph. The falling market has so exhausted investors that they do not want to have anything in common with the digital industry of the future. For a trader, this is a good signal that a long downward trend in theory in the near future may stop. But now buying digital assets is still risky.

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