2 August 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. July Results

The digital currency market showed a positive upward momentum, during the second month of summer. This happened unexpectedly for many, because the growth began, despite the beginning of the season of holidays. The ascent is first and foremost closely related to fundamental analysis. The main news, which excited consumers, was the formation of the largest investment company Blackrock group to study the digital market. However, the clients of this company, according to Larry Finck, in cryptocurrency investment are so little interested. Nevertheless, digital currencies continued to show rapid growth. Maximum BTC was able to rise to $8 500 on the Bitfinex exchange. The market capitalization of the digital market reached $323 billion.

The previous month showed that the market was tired of falling. Any positive news, especially not having understood the situation, cryptocurrency traders win back to raise, and later suffer losses. Of course, the game against the trend is dangerous. Therefore, to buy an asset, you need to soberly assess the real market situation and only after a few signals to keep the purchase.

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