15 August 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. August 15.

The digital market continues the general downward movement. BTC continues to be in the channel about $8 300 - $6 200, although there have been many attempts to break through support. The domination index reached 53,3%. This increased interest in BTC is caused by a prolonged correction. Investors in an attempt to save their profits see the sale of all cryptocurrency assets for BTC the best option. The cost of the main cryptocurrency for the current period is $6 330.

The market of altcoins shows a strong drawdown within a week. Almost all TOP-10 coins showed a drawdown of 10-20%. The dynamics of the digital market is positive today. The growth of BTC reaches 5,8% for today's trading day. The Ethereum rose in price by 6,5%. Ripple increased its value by 8,5%. The total capitalization level is $204 billion. Whether the positive dynamics will continue for a long time is a matter of time. Most likely, cryptocurrency market shows corrective movement from falling. Technical indicators demonstrate short-term overbought and weak interest in cryptocurrency market. We are unlikely to see a strong impulse upward in the near future.

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