23 September 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market to august 23. Results of the week

The digital market has managed to gain strength and stop the fall over the past week. Buyers tried to overcome an important resistance level of $6 800 from BTC. Strong overbought in small timeframes didn't allow buyers to reach this level. The price is just above $6 700 at the moment. Among the main altcoins stands Ripple. Interest among investors increased by 106%. The level of trading rose. He himself values $0,577.

The technical analysis of the main cryptocurrency active shows an increase in interest. Growth was caused by good volumes, this reduces the likelihood of speculative movement. However, in such a volatile market it is always worthwhile to be on the alert and invest only small amounts.

Apparently, large investors start to enter the digital market after the summer season. Moreover, the players to increase the effectiveness of the game cryptocurrency assets. They raised the price of BTC by hundreds of dollars, seeing the investment appeal. The total capitalization of cryptocurrency market reached $225 billion.

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