28 June 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market on 28 june

The cryptocurrency market was quiet before the storm began. The cost of BTC and the main altcoins has almost remained at yesterday's value, most other coins show a slight increase. The total capitalization changed insignificantly, but the BTC domination index has grown to 42.1%.

For 6 days, BTC is trading in rectangle. Its lengths are at level from $5 989,9 to $6 268,4. With the breaking of the day's candle, digital gold will try to find support on the redline of Tenkan in the cloud of Ishimoku. Now the daylight candles are located below this line. If such variant of events is still executed, then the growth will not live too long. We noted in all previous analyzes that crypto market is still in the medium and long-term downward trends.

The price will reach an important support level is $5 718, when refracting will trade down. The reason is important because it's one of the Fibonacci levels. Such an event is more likely, given the general trend of the market, as the price can't remain too long in the emering range between $5 989,9 and $6 268,4.

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