3 October 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. October 3

BTC is quite difficult to trade: sharp rises and protracted falls for several days. To determine the trend rationally can't one trader in the market now.

Technical oscillators show the possibility of buying cryptoactive assets. However, the majority of moving averages back talk about the continuation of the fall of the digital market.

Today's market continues to decline. Top 3 cryptocurrency shows a small drawdown. The record for growth within the week was BTC Cash - the growth of the coin exceeded 16%. Traders give $514 per a coin. It's quite possible that growth is closely related to the fundamental component accepting the largest Chinese BTC company as a payment.

It is still difficult. The probability of sharp drawdowns is rather small, while BTC doesn't reach the extremely important support of $6 200. The start of a rally with a potential target of $7 200 is possible.

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