31 October 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. October 31

Cryptocurrency trading doesn't bring high wages to traders today. We believe that such an event is associated with the low volatility on the digital market. How said the Anthony Pompiano, head of the company Morgan Creek Digital, holders of the coins are interested in movements on the stock market. The holders of one tenth of all mined coins have not been active since November 2017. On such wallets frozen billions of dollars.

The drop in the volatility of the digital market makes cryptocurrency exchanges resume the registration function, according to our findings. For example, the infamous Coincheck exchange, with which over $500 million was stolen at the beginning of the year, allowed new customers to register on the site freely. Every resident of Japan for a couple of days if you wish, will become a full bidder. While it is extremely difficult to predict whether the event will cause a reaction from the public, however, we believe that this will have a positive effect on the rates of popular coins.

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