15 July 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. The overall decrease in volumes

Cryptocurrency market showed a weak rise for yesterday. BTC approached the resistance line $6 269. The main cryptocurrency managed to rise by 0,8%, the value of the asset is $6 267. Almost all the altcoins for it followed yesterday, because of the high dominance BTC. The growth of the Ethereum was 0,84%, the asset is sold at a price of $435,37. Ripple shows a smaller increase - only 0,45%. This cryptocurrency can be purchased at $0,438533. The total capitalization of the digital market stopped at $252,34 billion, daily volumes were $11,15 billion.

Traders are in a state of waiting for a purchase or a sale, judging by the volumes on BTC's chart. Volatility due to the balance between bears and bulls continues to decline. Low volumes are bad news for all cryptocurrency as a whole. Today's market does not cause investors and traders no interest. It is also becoming increasingly clear that in the near future a $6 000 level test is possible. If you keep this rate of cryptocurrency active movement at the refraction of resistance lines $6 329 and $6 404, the buyers obviously do not have enough strength.

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