27 June 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. The next stage of the fall

The next phase of the decline shows the digital market in the short term. To gain a foothold adove the level of $6 152 the pressure of sellers increased. To date, the cost of BTC is $6 102. ETH demonstrates a daily decline of 5,06%, you can buy the asset for $434.32. The fall of XRP was 4,37%, the cost of cryptocurrency - $0.46. The total capitalization of the digital market has decreased by $11 billion, it's $245 billion. The downtrend is still maintained at all time intervals. 

The nearest support level BTC - $6 032, but bears are unlikely to stay there for long. Digital gold comes back to the level of phychologocal support at $6 000. Everything suggests that we will be able to see these figures in the near future. This is indicated by the decreased volumes and the general negative news background. And given the recent research by analysts of one of the publications, it turned out that investorsin the cryptocurrency are extremely emotional and afraid of bad news. With the fall in the market capitalization of the digital market, panic mood intensify. Note that the emotional component of crypto market has not changed since the beginning of May.

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