10 July 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. Confused situation

An interesting situation has developed in the cryptocurrency market. BTC is experiencing a minimal correction, while almost all the altcoins have largely subsided. The cost of the main cryptocurrency is $6 702, the rate sank by 0,9%. Ethereum lost 4,2%, the currency can be purchased at a price of $463,62. The loss of Ripple was 3%, the asset is sold at a price of $0,4628. The biggest drop from the top 10 altcoins showed the EOS token. The price decreased by 13%, the cost is $7,5. Capitalization of the digital market is $264 billion, the value of daily volumes is $13 billion. The index of dominance of the main cryptocurrency has peaked since the middle of April - 43,4%.

Bears on cryptocurrency market are just as strong. The general trend of the digital market remains descending at any period, although yesterday's signals for a possible trend change have been preserved today. The level of $6 700 for BTC became a serious resistance. The attempt of refraction ended with the fall of all cryptocurrency market for yesterday. Pulses appearing on different indicators activate sellers. The situation is extremely complicated, so while keeping the buy is very risky.

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