29 December 2018

Pension Fund is testing Blockchain

Are you ready for legal advice from Huobi? We learned that Huobi Russia is launching the legal base of the Huobi Legal Lab. The goal of the project is simple. To become a legal support for companies that work with cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
The range of services offered by specialists is very different. From upholding rights in court to auditing a new project to verify compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation. A staff of experts will ensure that monetary instruments do not stumble over the legal field.  

Sooner or later it had to happen. We learned about the actual registration of the “Samsung Crypto Wallet” trademark in the UK-IPO. Are you surprised? We are not.

This means only one thing. Soon Samsung smartphone users are waiting for the product range to be updated as an application for managing cryptoactive assets. We are waiting for an exciting race of blockchain development among existing competitors.  

Meanwhile, the Pension Fund of Russia is neatly preparing to keep up with the times. The leadership of the FIU, though it finds the blockchain useful, is not in a hurry with its practical application.

Technology will be tested in less critical areas so far. Previously, the association of private pension funds launched an initiative to try blockchain in the formation of individual pension capital, however, a systemic conflict arose on the basis of access to general information.  

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