19 November 2018

Implications for BTC Cash forks

The passion around the BTC Cash bundle does not subside and some exchanges have already begun to prepare the ground for coin holders. Who will miss the first chance to settle the fertile land?

We know about the work on the exchanges OKEx and Kraken so far. They added support for both BTC SV and ABC. However, it is better for users to be patient and wait until the assets stabilize their work.

We can not say exactly, but maybe soon we will witness a serious conflict. Its instigator will be SharkPool.

Who would have thought that the mining pool would want a war with altcoins? What is most interesting? It belongs to a company that supports BTC SV. They are convinced that only one blockchain can exist.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Singapore boasts a system which based on blockchain technology of cashless payments. It is intended for tokenized assets and is able to work in several blockchains at once.

As you can guess, its direct role is to simplify the simultaneous exchange and calculation of digital transactions between financial entities. We are hardly useful, but major figures will be delighted.

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