16 January 2019

Suspension of Ethereum's hardforka

We will allocate a temporary suspension of the Ethereum hard forks network called Constantinople. One of the most important news in cryptocurrency sphere. The audit company found a flaw. Hackers and scammers have the possibility of stealing user funds with its help.

The main news for the CIS community over the past few days has been the opening of a cryptocurrency exchange in the Republic of Belarus. However, the initiator of the project, Victor Prokopenya calls the site “more about tokenized securities than about cryptocurrencies”. The activity of the exchange platform is licensed by the state, therefore the probability of fraud tends to zero. Are you planning to start trading on this exchange?

Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia is still showing interest in digital currencies. The Prime Minister believes that the fall in the value of most coins did not affect the development of the cryptocurrency industry several times last year.

Vladimir Mau, the Rector of the RANEPA is also positive about cryptocurrencies. Vladimir is confident that the cryptocurrency is able to become part of the global currency system. According to him, digital currencies have much greater prospects for development unlike the US dollar.

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