25 November 2018

The market is falling. Money is being made

The cryptocurrency market continues to show weakness. Capitalization fell to a value of $123 billion. Updating this year’s anti-record. BTC stopped falling at $3850. Ripple at $0,346. Ethereum at $112. Note that intraday volumes have increased by 31 percent since yesterday.

BTC broke through the level of $4 300 yesterday. Investors thought that the price in this value would rebound and begin a corrective movement upward. However, this never happened.

In our opinion, the situation in today's market is completely beyond the reach of technical analysis. There is a panic on the cryptocurrency bank. The nerves of most investors do not withstand a seventy percent drawdown and sell in order to save at least some money.

The most risky, but at other times may be the most profitable decision, will be the purchase of cryptocurrency. Note that the purchase should be considered only in the event of consolidation and only a small amount, which is not a pity to lose. It is possible that it will be possible to catch a strong impetus to the top and make good money. Are you ready to tickle your nerves and buy a falling asset?

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