14 November 2018

The market falls, transactions increase

The digital market continues its long decline. The price of the main digital asset again approached the annual minimum. Its value was $6 280. The market capitalization stopped at $206 billion. The BTC domination index is 53%.

Most cryptocurrency traders, including us, believe that the market decline will continue. A break of $6 200 can activate sellers. It is difficult to say whether such an important level of BTC will the same.

We believe the main reason for the fall is hardfork BTC Cash. Only last week, this event caused an increase in investment, and now shook investors and lowered the market.

However, the fall in capitalization does not mean that BTC is become less popular. Sludgefeed reported that the number of intra-day operations was as high as at the beginning of the year. The number of operations reached 277 672 in the first day of November.

Such a statement deserves our attention, especially after a long downtrend. Do you use cryptocurrency as the way of payment?

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