17 January 2019

Team to learn Constantinople

We have learned that henceforth the freshly assembled team from Ethereum Classic will steer the study and refine the upcoming hard forks of Constantinople. The ETC Labs Core development team will manifest itself in the first quarter of this year.  

Of course, it is very wise to allocate some kind of opera group for solving technical problems. What could be more effective than a single specialized team of specialists working on one protocol and specific tools?
Meanwhile, the stolen funds from Cryptopia continue to demonstrate their controversial activity. The Binance platform quickly responded to the burglary and froze some of the coins being sent. So, why are the transfers going on?  

The general director of Binance is still at a loss, trying to understand the motives of hackers. In addition, we still do not know how much money was actually stolen.    

A small step for cryptocurrency, but a great achievement for Bitwage. We learned that Bitwage entered into a partnership with clearing house Simply Efficient HR. All so that customers of American companies can receive a salary in cryptocurrency.  

Where can it come in handy? For example, in matters of tax liability. Previously, it was very problematic to ask for the tax debt of employees. Cryptocurrency firms are also expected to ease their burden.      

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