11 December 2018

SPA for cryptocurrency

Not the most pleasant statistics for the EOS community came into our hands. It turns out that an unknown group of hackers made 27 attacks on the dApps network only in the summer and autumn periods of the current year.

Who would have thought that with each next attack a new one would be not only more successful, but also more productive? The damage from the attacks has already been estimated at $760 000 and the safety of the EOS ecosystem is still under threat.

Nairobi has something to surprise us. We learned about the progressive approach of a Kenyan health care provider to combat theft. For this, the medical service Health Land Spa has armed itself with blockchain technology.

Local customers can pay for their spa treatments and massages with digital gold now. Of course, who would be convenient to pay with BTC alone? The company will add other cryptocurrencies in near future. 

The unenviable fate has crept to the hedge fund BlockTower Capital and very noticeably. It all started with a gambling option. The fund raised $1 million to the fact that by the end of this year BTC would cost $50 000. And if that happens, it will receive 275 BTC.

As you understand, now the bet is doomed to failure. If only in a matter of days the coin does not jump higher than the head and break through its current ceiling.

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