15 January 2019

Venezuela boosts Petro rate

The presidential decree of Venezuela influenced the fate of the local cryptocurrency Petro again. We learned that Nicolas Maduro raised the exchange rate, having specified in advance its role in the oil industry of the state.

Also, the president made adjustments to the process of foreign trade in Venezuelan oil. Oil companies tied to the state must sell 15% of oil for Petro for now.

We have learned that Cryptopia has come across serious systemic troubles. The exchange suffered significant damage, while the experts revealed a weak spot. The attack is repelled, but at what cost?    

Well, now under the lock is all the functionality of the platform. In other words, global technical work began, together with the investigation of the incident by the New Zealand authorities.  

In another hacker field, it is becoming more and more obvious. We received information that in only six months the group of unknowns “navigated” on 705 BTC, which is equivalent to $2,5 million.      

As a rule, the blatant extortion program Ryuk held large companies at government sights. But who is responsible for the malicious code? Now, in addition to hackers from North Korea, people from Russia are suspected.

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