24 November 2018

Blokchain victims

Are you ready to appreciate the friendly gesture of Gibraltar? After all, we learned about the new "graduate" with a license on hand from GFSC. They became a subsidiary cryptocurrency company GBX. Now it is the first regulated stock exchange.

GBX open all doors. Six major virtual currencies will delight users with several tokens paired with the dollar.

And someone is ready to trade not only in digital currencies. Patrick Bern apparently decided to take the load off his shoulders and sell the retail division of his company Overstock.

As we found out, the deal planned for February is motivated by Bern’s desire to come to grips with the development of blockchain projects. We still do not know exactly.

One of the breakaway teams after hard forks BTC Cash is not wasting time. The developers of BTC ABC are safely located in the listing of the popular Ledger wallet.

All interested are welcome to the new coin in the new location. The wallet developers have published instructions for receiving and withdrawing coins from another camp. The BTC SV team.

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