23 August 2017

Kassa.cc presents a new marketing tool with high efficiency

You just need to be a registered user of the Kassa.cc service to gain access to a new marketing tool. This is a widget that you can customize and embed in the code of your site. Statistics show that widgets are at least 50% more effective than banners, while they take up much less space.

Any visitor to your site who becomes a user of Kassa.cc through the transition through the widget will provide you with income from each of its exchange transactions. The widget attracts visitors well and expands the functionality of your site, as it performs a practical task. Widget is a online currency converter that allows you to find out the relationship between digital and fiat currencies using the current market rate. After calculating the required amount, your visitor can immediately go to the referral link to the Kassa.cc website to make an exchange. You can find the widget in your account on the site by going to the "Promo materials" section.

To use the widget, you must:

1. Adjust the appearance. To get started, select the stroke type: options are "with shadow", "frame" and "without strokes." Next, choose the widget location: horizontal or vertical. At the last step of the configuration, opening the site Kassa.cc: "in a new tab", "in the pop-up window" or "in the same window".

2. Copy the contents of the "Widget code" field to the clipboard.

3. Build it into the code of your site. Done. 

Get widget.

If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support at support@kassa.cc

With warmth and soul,
your Kassa.

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