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Exchange at the rate:1BTC = 422050.75RUB


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BTC's conclusion on SberOnline (BTC on SberOnline)

It is often necessary to output a digital currency with minimal losses on commissions when exchanging. In this case, one of the best options will be the exchange of BTC to SberOnline. As a result, you will almost instantly receive funds in RUB on the account or on the card of this one of the largest banks in Russia. Exchange BTC on SberOnline does not present any problems. All you need is to choose the desired direction of exchange on the main page of the site Kassa.cc. By specifying the desired direction, exchanging BTC for SberOnline, you enter the required amount in a digital currency, at least 0.01 BTC. After the network makes three confirmations of the transaction, the equivalent amount in RUB at the market rate at the time of exchange will be transferred to your account or bank card.

Вывод BTC на карту Сбербанк (BTC на карту Сбербанк)

Required data to exchange BTC for SberOnline

At the first exchange in the specified direction the exchange office Kassa.cc will ask you to indicate the number of the bank card for its verification. After verification, you will become a registered member of the site, and you will be able to use your personal cabinet. Also at your service is a profitable referral program.   

Who need to exchange BTC for SberOnline

Although the cryptocurrency is a means of payment and savings, for everyday purchases it is more convenient to have cash or a bank card. At any time you can turn a part of your cryptocurrency savings into RUB using a card from one of the largest banks in Russia. This will allow you to make the necessary acquisitions, as well as get cash in any of the country's ATMs.   

What is the advantage of exchanging BTC for SberOnline with us?

Direct exchange BTC to SberOnline is ready to offer only the exchange office Kassa.cc. Now you will not lose money on the exchange in several stages, promptly receiving the amounts you need.

  • Our service is working fast. Immediately after the BTC network has confirmed the transaction three times, the operator will make a money transfer manually. Depending on the workload of the operator, this usually takes from 5 to 20 minutes.
  • Exchange office Kassa.cc is convenient to use. At your service are accessible and simple instructions, as well as the help of an online consultant.
  • The small commissions of our service are further reduced for registered users.
  • The referral program allows you to earn on attracting other users.