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Yandex Money in BTC (BTC)

Welcome exchange Kassa.cc. Among the new directions, we are ready to offer Yandex.Money to BTC exchange. Thanks to this procedure, you will receive in exchange for the amount of rubles indicated by you its equivalent in modern digital currency. It is convenient for settlements, including international, for the purchase of various goods and services.

Обменять Яндекс Деньги на BTC (Яндекс.Деньги → BTC)

Exchange Yandex.Money to BTC - how is the procedure carried out

We have made the exchange of Yandex.Money to BTC as simple as possible. Just go to the main page of our site and specify the desired amount for the exchange. The minimum amount to exchange is 0.004 BTC. Please check that you entered your BTC wallet number correctly, since cryptocurrency transactions cannot be canceled. Make a regular Yandex.Money login and make a transfer to our service wallet, which will be automatically specified. After processing the transaction by our operator and receiving three confirmations from the BTC network, the digital currency will be in the wallet you specified.

The reasons why you may need to exchange Yandex. Money for BTC

Exchange Yandex.Money to BTC will allow you to get digital currency, or, as it is also called, “cryptocurrency”. Commissions for transfers in BTC are minimal, and transactions in digital currency occur much faster than bank transfers. In order to start using BTC cryptocurrency, you do not need any registration or input of personal data. You can have any number of accounts in this system. These factors make digital currency increasingly popular every year.

Why exchanging Yandex.Money for BTC via the Kassa.cc website is beneficial

Exchange Yandex.Money to BTC is not possible directly from this payment system. Therefore, you have to use the services of an exchange office. The best option would be the site Kassa.cc because:

  • There is a personal account at your service, which you can start using immediately after the first exchange.
  • Referral program will allow you to earn money by attracting other users.
  • The interface is intuitively convenient, and in case of difficulty an online consultant is ready to help you.
  • The minimum commission of our service can be further reduced: both through participation in the referral program, and due to the cumulative discount.