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Exchange at the rate:12466.9RUB = 1ETH


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Yandex Money in Ethereum (ETH)

Kassa.cc offers you a convenient exchange of Yandex.Money to Ethereum. You will need the services of the exchange office because Yandex.Money does not support direct exchange of rubles for Ethereum. The best exchange option will be Kassa.cc, a safe and convenient service with minimal commission. And now Ethereum (Ethereum) can acquire a cryptocurrency by transferring funds from a Yandex.Money ruble account.

Ethereum (Ethereum) more and more people around the world appreciate for the speed of transactions, the small size of the commission and a significant investment potential. Ethereum (Ethereum) can be used both as a way of investment and as a means of payment. The value of this new cryptocurrency is also in the fact that it is available for the purchase of various digital tokens. These tokens can not be bought for other currencies except Ethereum, neither fiat nor digital.

What you need to exchange
Yandex.Money to Ethereum

First go to the main page of the Kassa.cc website. Choose the desired exchange direction, Yandex.Money on Ethereum. The exchange procedure should be no problem: enter the amount in rubles that you want to exchange for Ethereum. The system will prompt you to confirm the application using the current exchange rate. After you transfer the funds in rubles to our Yandex.Money purse in the usual way, the operator will manually replenish your Ethereum wallet.

Convenient exchange of
Yandex.Money to Ethereum

The first exchange of Yandex.Money to Ethereum will automatically give you registration in the Kassa.cc service. Thanks to registration, you will save time when making the next exchange, as well as take advantage of the cumulative discount. The size of the cumulative discount, which depends on the number of your exchange transactions, can be found in your account on the site. Also in your account, Kassa.cc users get access to the history of their exchanges, as well as a referral link. Using a referral link, earn money by attracting other users.

Why Kassa.cc is the best exchange of Yandex.Money to Ethereum:

For each of the areas of exchange provided detailed instructions with images.

  • We work as quickly as possible, carrying out the exchange promptly.
  • You get a cumulative discount as you use our services.