7 July 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. July 7th

The market of cryptocurrencies in the flat state. In other words, the price of assets is about the same as yesterday's value. At such moments to enter the market - the decision is wrong, because in the struggle of bulls and bears the winner to the last will not be clear.

The fact that the value of digital currencies is manipulated by traders knows the majority. However, not everyone can imagine how the value of tokens is formed. The financial agency Bloomberg has told about attempts by the US Department of Justice to find out who is manipulating the value of digital assets and how. It has become clear that cryptotraders carry out illegal transactions. They are what cause the artificial demand and supply on cryptomarket. It means that on exchanges and trading floors, the price is established exclusively by traders. Moreover, they often themselves use technical analysis.

During the past trading day, the price of cryptocurrency gold grew to $ 6 643. To bears this level seemed too big, sales began. But that the bulls that the bears were too weak during yesterday's trading, for this reason, the value of the majority of cryptocurrencies has frozen. Indicators of technical analysis show exactly the same, as yesterday.

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