16 July 2018

Overview of the cryptocurrency market. Summary of the week

The market of cryptocurrency coins continues its downward trend. The previous week was closed with a red Japanese candle. Volumes for sale were higher than the volume for purchase. The bear is still as strong and in the near future is clearly not going to weaken its position. In addition, the general situation on kriptornke yet accompanies them. The decrease in intraday volumes pushes customers, because BTC's main distinguishing feature is high volatility. Some market participants do not want to buy cryptocurrencies, the old ones do not want to sell them at a market price. The total capitalization of the digital market has decreased by $20 billion since July 9 and is $255 billion.

The fall of the main cryptocurrency in the last 7 days was 5,78%. The cost of BTC fell to $6 377,37. The top altcoins showed themselves to be weaker assets. Ethereum has fallen in price by 7,3%. The market price of this coin is $449,46. Ripple over the previous week lost almost 7%, the purchase is possible at a cost of $0,445187. XLM, ZRX and BAT closed higher this week, ADA and ZRX showed a slight decrease. The reason for this trend is the positive news about the beginning of research work on these assets of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. However, so far there is no guarantee of adding coins to the site.

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