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Exchange Litecoin to BTC

Here you can create an exchange request for Litecoin on BTC. First, open the main page of the site kassa.cc. After selecting the exchange direction of Litecoin to BTC, enter the amount you want to exchange. Once you receive three confirmations from the BTC network, the digital currency will be on your account. Please make sure that all the details are correct, since the transactions in the cryptocurrency are not reversible.

What data is needed to exchange Litecoin for BTC

If you are using Litecoin to BTC for the first time, you will need to verify your bank card. After creating the application, your registration on the site will automatically take place. Thanks to the registration in the future, you will be able to quickly exchange Litecoin to BTC, as well as benefit from the personal cabinet. Also registered users receive discounts and earning opportunities on the referral program.

Why you will be interested in exchanging Litecoin for BTC

Exchange Litecoin to BTC will allow you to feel the possibilities of a new means of payment and investment. In the long term, the price of a digital currency only grows, and for calculations it becomes more and more convenient. Having installed the BTC mobile wallet program, you will be able to pay for your purchases with cryptocurrency in many outlets. At your service are various services and sites offering many services and goods for BTC, as well as cryptocurrency exchange exchanges. All of them are not available for Litecoin or US dollars directly, so you will need to make an exchange. The means of our clients and the exchange procedure are securely protected by cryptographic algorithms.

The reasons why the exchange of Litecoin to BTC is better for us

Advantages of exchanging Litecoin to BTC for kassa.cc:

  • Speed of operations. Exchange Litecoin to BTC thanks to the service kassa.cc occurs promptly.
  • Payments are handled manually, which usually takes from the operator 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the workload. Further all depends only on the time of obtaining three confirmations from the digital currency network.
  • Convenience of using the site. Instructions are simple and accessible, and if necessary, an online consultant will always help you.
  • Profitable exchange rates for the user. Regardless of the direction of exchange, we use only the market price of the currency.
  • Minimal commission of the service itself. Registered users receive an additional commission reduction. Also, commission fees become less for users who attract referrals.