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Exchange SberOnline to Litecoin (LTC)

Thanks to the exchange Kassa.cc there was an opportunity to safely and quickly exchange SberOnline on Litecoin. In order to receive the cryptocurrency in exchange for RUB from the account or bank card of SberOnline, you just need to go to the main page of the site and indicate the current application data. Choose the direction you need, exchange SberOnline for Litecoin, and enter the amount in RUB that you want to exchange for сryptocurrency. Since the cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, especially carefully check the correctness of the entered data. After the transaction receives three confirmations from the Litecoin network, the cryptocurrency will be on your account.

What data is needed to exchange SberOnline for Litecoin

At the first exchange of SberOnline on Litecoin, your bank card will be verified. Together with this procedure you will receive a registration in our service. This will allow the next exchange through Kassa.cc to take advantage of the personal cabinet. The personal cabinet displays the size of the cumulative discount, as well as the history of your exchange transactions. All users of Kassa.cc receive a referral link that allows you to earn on attracting other users.

Why you may need to exchange SberOnline for Litecoin

Litecoin is now one of the most promising cryptocurrency. To get Litecoin, you just need to make a transfer from a bank account or a SberOnline card. Litetcoins like any other cryptocurrency, can be used both as an investment and as a means of payment. You can store Litecoin both on the cryptocurrency exchange and in the software purse. Dispose of the digital currency as you like.

Why the exchange of SberOnline to Litecoin through Kassa.cc is advantageous

Banking institutions can not offer you a direct exchange of SberOnline to Litecoin. However, you are ready to help the exchange office Kassa.cc.

The advantages of exchanging SberOnline to Litecoin through Kassa.cc:

  • We care about the safety of our clients' funds. Therefore, all exchange operations are performed in a protected mode.
  • We have a minimum commission, which with the completion of each subsequent exchange becomes even less due to a funded discount.
  • Kassa.cc processes payments quickly.
  • On the site there are available instructions with images for each of the directions of exchange.